Friday, 2 July 2010

Passed 70-515, 70-516 and 70-519

Back in April I participated in three 'beta' exams for Microsoft:
  • 70-515 TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 4, Web Applications Development
  • 70-516 TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 4, Accessing Data with ADO.NET
  • 70-519 Pro: Designing and Developing Web Applications Using Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
Being 'beta' means that you get to do the exams for free (as they are using you to find any mistakes etc), but if you pass then it counts as passing the real exam.
These exams have just been publicly released, and I just found out I passed all three! As a result I can now add the following certifications to my list:
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
  • .NET Framework 4, Web Applications
  • .NET Framework 4, Data Access with ADO.NET
Microsoft Certified Professional Developer
  • Web Developer 4
Updated: Turns out I was incorrect, you do also need to complete 70-513 before you qualify for the MCPD Web Developer 4. This has now been clarified in the prerequisites for the certification.


Catto said...


Anonymous said...

Don't you actually need 70-513 as well for the MCPD?

David Gardiner said...

I wasn't sure about this myself as the requirements are a bit ambiguous.

The fact that my transcript says I now have MCPD for this makes me think they probably mean you need ONE of the MCTS certifications instead of ALL of them.

This is then similar to the MCPD 3.5.

Some clarification on Microsoft's part would be useful for potential candidates.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'm studying for the 70-515 exam. Do you have any tips on any areas to focus on? Thanks

David Gardiner said...

Hi Anonymous,

your best bet is to have a good understanding of <a href=">all the stuff</a> they mention that it will cover. Can't be more specific than that!


Anton said...

Congratulations mate. I would really like to sit for the 70-519 exam. Any resources, notes, guides or sample questions please? Thanks in advance.

Nimesh said...

Hi David,
Can you please guide me where can I buy cheap ebooks/books for Microsoft certification in Australia (I am talking about .net 4.0 exams, I can torrent 3.5 easily but not able to find 4.0 ones)

Your help would be highly appreciated.


David Gardiner said...

Hi Nimesh,

not sure if there's much out for the 4.0 exams yet as they've just been released.

Instead of buying books, I'd recommend using the technology and become familiar with it by using it.


bubble said...

Hi David,

Can you please help me to find material kits for 70 513 and 70 515 ???

Stuart Dobson said...

Hi David,

Do you do your exams online or is there an exam centre near you? Which city are you in? Basically I'm having trouble finding an exam centre in Melbourne.

David Gardiner said...

Hi Stuart,

you have to go to a Prometric Test Centre, you can't do them online.

There are a number of centres listed for Victoria, but not sure how convenient they are for you.

I'm in Adelaide and we only have 3 centres. At least Academy IT now have their new centre in the CBD which is good.