Friday, 3 September 2010

Rebuilding the home PC on a budget

I purchased an Antec TruePower 550 power supply today, but unfortunately that didn't solve the BSOD issue, so it looks like I'll be rebuilding the computer completely. As I've already got a decent server for more serious computing tasks, my aim is to do this as economically as I can. I've come up with the following list:

CPU AMD Athlon II x4 635
Motherboard ASUS M4A78LT-M LE

I'll need to add a video card, as my two existing monitors only have VGA input (eg. the motherboard's DVI-D won't be suitable).


hablar said...

You appear to be throwing new hardware at a problem that may still be a software problem.


David Gardiner said...

Hi Duncan,

you're probably right. The problem is the hardware is so old the drivers aren't being updated any more.

If I could solve it with software that would be great (especially on the budget!), but I haven't seen any other suggestions about how to solve this particular problem.


hablar said...

A reinstall of the OS?

But.. as you said..if you have the dollars, and the hardware is dated.. why not.. :)

Go with Ubuntu this time around. :-)


David Gardiner said...

Might be worth a shot, though a huge pain to reinstall everything :-( I was thinking if I did go down the 'new hardware' route, I could use sysprep to keep Windows intact but work with the refreshed hardware - at least then theoretically all the apps would be maintained.

To be honest, I'd prefer not to be spending money on this right at the moment!

Ubuntu? I had an opportunity to use this recently at a work client and it looks quite good. Will probably install it in a VM on the Hyper-V server to have more of a play around with it.

Things have come a long way since I used to run a Red Hat server at UniSA many, many years ago. I think that was running Linux kernel version 1.x.