Wednesday, 17 November 2010

It's all happening!

First Windows Phone 7 was release last month.. (still haven't got one but am warming to the Samsung Omnia 7)

Then the first CTP of SQL Server 'Denali' was released last week..

And tomorrow (18th) Microsoft's Kinect for XBox 360 is released in Australia.

Don't tell the kids, but I'm thinking this might be the Gardiner family Christmas present this year!

Prices I've seen so far:

  • Big W 4G Bundle (1 games) $398, 250G Bundle (1 game) $528
  • EB Games 4G Bundle $461 (1 game), 250G Bundle (1 game) $549
  • Dick Smith 4G Bundle (2 games) $448, 250G Bundle (2 games) $548
  • JB HiFi 4G Bundle (1 game) $389, 250G Bundle (3 games) $549

Update 18th Nov, 9pm

Discovered good forum discussion on Economical Gamer site, which highlights Harvey Norman 4G Bundle (2 games) $468


jonmcrawford said...

Dave, I really like ours, it's definitely going to get me in shape better than the Wii, and it's fun, but be aware that it takes some room to play. You have to be about 6 feet from the TV for single player, 8 feet for multiplayer, otherwise it yells at you constantly to move back, and might not be able to read your movements.

David Gardiner said...


that's great advice. I've measured out our family room where the TV lives and it will be a bit of a squeeze.

The long-term plan will be to move the XBox to our "back room" which has a lot more room, but that will only make sense if/when we get a second TV!

thanks for the tip,