If you’re a Windows Phone 7 developer, you may have come across Eqatec’s Profiler. As far as I know, it’s currently the only performance profiler that supports WP7 applications (Red Gate have indicated that they will support WP7 in 2011 Q4).

I’ve made use of Eqatec Profiler already, as there is a free version available, but with some restrictions (such as only profiling a single assembly).

Now in exchange for trialling their analytics product, they’re offering upgrades to give you free licenses to the less-restricted versions.

As well as WP7, the product also support profiling regular .NET, Silverlight, Services, ASP.NET and even .NET CF.

I participated in the analytics evaluation and got 21 points which entitled me to a ‘Professional’ profiler license (normally $US399).

So what did I think of the analytics product? Well it seems quite solid, and didn’t have any noticeable impact on my test apps. If you were selling software commercially then it might be of interest, but the price is prohibitive for those of us who have only released free software so far.