Ben car racingThursday was a busy day. I got to these sessions:

  • DEV221 – Design and Layout for Windows 8 and Windows Phone Style Apps
  • WPH323 – Build smart: Developing for Windows Phone and Windows 8
  • DBI225 – Big Data for Relational practitioners
  • DEV326 – Agile planning tools in TFS 2012

Band BashI also helped in the hands-on labs and assisted with “ILL102 - Creating an Windows 8 Line of Business Application - HTML & JavaScript from Start to Finish”.

In the evening was the party night – lots of food and entertainment options! I watched Ben show off his prowess on the racing simulator, then after a good feed we headed to the main arena to catch some comedy, quiz show and an ‘open mike’ band bash. Turns out there’s some pretty talented musicians masquerading as IT/Dev-types!