Caramel slice!On the Friday I went to 3 sessions:

  • DEV331 - A Modern Architecture Review: Using the New Code Review Tools
  • DEV333 - LightSwitch 2012 - Even Faster
  • WPH234 - Windows Phone Marketplace - Satisfy More Customers and Make Money

I also ran my Instructor-led Lab - DEV ILL100 - Designing Windows 8 HTML apps in Blend. A nice lab which is probably more about getting familiar with Blend than with Windows 8 apps.

Locknote arena

After the closing keynote, I didn’t need to rush off as Narelle and I were staying another night, flying home Saturday afternoon.

I also had a chance to briefly visit the beach. After quite a few visits to the Gold Coast, I had never until now managed to get down to the foreshore. A bit cool to think about going for a swim by that time, but nice to finally see it.

Gold Coast beach