Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Windows 8.1 VPN Settings

In Windows 8 after you had configured a VPN, you could right-click on a VPN connection and a context menu gave you two options:

  • View connection properties
  • Clear cached credentials

Windows 8 VPN context menu

The second item is really useful when your password for the VPN has changed, and you need to enter the new password.

Upgrading to Windows 8.1, this context menu doesn't seem to exist anymore. It seems that to modify connection properties or credentials, the only option is to search for "Change VPN Settings".

Windows 8.1 VPN Settings

Selecting a VPN connection then enables Edit and Remove buttons. Clicking Edit takes you to the Connection Properties screen, where you can update credentials and VPN proxy settings.

Strange that this is a bit harder under 8.1.


jareeq said...

Thanks for that. From other hand I do not understand why microsoft tries to complicate things so much. A one click in windows 8.0 and bunch of clicking in windows 8.1 to find vpn settings. And of course - still - schizophrenic dual settings interface.

Brian Dukes said...

Thanks, that helped.

Unknown said...

Or you could just right click the connections-icon and select "Open Network and Sharing Center" and then click "Change adapter settings" to access the VPN and there you can right click and choose Properties among other things.

You can also get to that "Change adapter settings"-dialog by searching for and executing "ncpa.cpl".

But ultimately yes, stupid choice to remove those right click options in Win 8.1.

Science Specialist said...

THANK YOU for revealing the secret incantation "ncpa.cpl"

This was the only way to get at "Use Remote Gateway", which was not available in the spectacularly stupid new blue-and-white brain dead dialog.

Willie Ames said...

Thank you. Another post also has detailed information about vpn settings.