My latest app for Windows Phone is now available in the store – Aussie Forecast!

Aussie Forecast Lock Screen

Windows Phone 8 supports apps displaying custom information on the lock screen. The Bing Weather app is a nice example, but I was frustrated by the inaccurate forecast data that it was using. [Not the first time I’ve seen this problem]/2011/02/comparison-of-public-weather-forecasts.html).

So I thought I’d create my own app that uses the Australian Bureau of Meteorology’s data to display the forecast for a selected location. You can optionally choose to have the forecast displayed on your phone’s lock screen, and a background task runs at regular intervals to keep the information current.

Application main page screenshot

Future enhancements will include allowing a user-selected photo for the background image or the daily Bing Photo.

If you’ve got a Windows Phone 8 device, then please try it out!

Download from the Windows Phone Store