Thursday, 4 June 2015

Passed 70-494

Back in April, I sat the Microsoft exam 70-494 Recertification for MCSD: Web Applications.

And failed Sad smile

And not by that much – 663 (the pass mark for Microsoft certification exams is always 700). So it’s hard to say, but it was probably around 2 – 4 incorrect questions.

But fortunately Microsoft were running the “SecondShot” promotion until the end of May, so if you failed an exam you could try it again later for no extra cost.

So today I re-sat the exam, and this time I passed (764 this time). Yay Smile

I think this might be the first time I’ve done a recertification/update type exam. Because they are essentially combining what would otherwise be two separate exams (70-486 and 70-487) it does make it a bit more challenging as the breadth of subjects covered is essentially also doubled. Take a look at the Skills Measured section – there’s a fair bit there!

You don’t get told which specific questions you got wrong, but I was able to recall a number of topics that came up in the first exam that I was unsure about so I took a bit of time to review those areas and become more familiar with them for the second time around. These were largely areas in which I don’t normally cover either for work or leisure. Of course there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the same questions – but it would be silly not to be prepared if something similar came up again.

So now that’s done – it should keep the Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer: Web Applications certification active for another two years. It will be interesting to see what kind of skills they’ll be testing next time around.


Rred Cat said...

I am going to take this exam and I am looking to resources that help me to refresh my knowledge. What did you use for refresh your knowledge? Any books or resources?

David Gardiner said...

Hi Rred,

I basically worked through the Skills Measured and reviewed each area mentioned. As it was my second time around, I made sure I focussed more on the areas where I was less confident from the first time I did the exam.

I think that paid off.

All the best!

Rred Cat said...

Thanks you for your answer. I will try to use Skill Measured section in full power.

Ravi Sharma said...

Hi bud, when could you actually take this exam? When your certification has expired? Or can you take it a few months before it expires?

David Gardiner said...

Hi Ravi,

yes, you can do the exam before your current certification expires.


Ravi Sharma said...