I’ve had a number of friends on Facebook suffer the annoyance of having ‘fake’ accounts using the same name and profile picture to impersonate them and contacting all their friends asking to be friends.

It’s frustrating and annoying for everyone concerned. The victim who is being impersonated often also wonders if their Facebook account “has been hacked!”. Usually this is not the case, but I thought it would be helpful to write down some suggestions to help reduce the risk and help you feel more safe using Facebook.

Topics in this series:

  • [Setting your Facebook privacy and sharing]/2017/04/setting-your-facebook-privacy-and.html)
  • [Securing your Facebook account with Two Factor authentication]/2017/04/securing-your-facebook-account-with-two.html)
  • [You just received a friend request on Facebook from someone who’s already a friend]/2017/04/you-just-received-friend-request-on.html)
  • [You just found out someone is impersonating you with a fake account on Facebook]/2017/04/someone-has-created-facebook-profile.html)

Let me know in the comments if there’s anything else I should cover.