What software / applications am I using on my laptop (February 2019 Edition) according to Chocolatey? Here’s an edited list of the output from choco list -localonly:

Package Version   Comments
7zip 18.6    
audacity 2.3.0 Audio editor  
becyicongrabber Icon extractor (for creating Chocolatey packages)  
beyondcompare My favourite file comparison tool  
beyondcompare-integration 1.0.1 Configure Beyond Compare for TortoiseGit/Svn  
dellcommandupdate-uwp 3.0.0 Dell’s driver update app  
dns-benchmark 1.3.6668.0 Useful DNS checker  
dotnetdeveloperbundle RedGate’s .NET tools  
dropbox 41.4.80    
fiddler 5.0.20182.28034    
FiraCode 1.206 Nice developer font  
Firefox 57.0.4    
git 2.20.1    
GoogleChrome 63.0.3239.132    
keepass 2.41 Password manager  
mousewithoutborders Share mouse across laptop and desktop PCs  
msbuild-structured-log-viewer 2.0.61    
nodejs 11.9.0    
notepadplusplus 7.6.3 Using this less now compared to VS Code  
nuget.commandline 4.9.2    
obs-studio 22.0.2 Video / screen recording  
OctopusTools 5.2.0    
Office365ProPlus 2016.20170321    
paint.net 4.1.5    
PDFXchangeEditor 7.0.328.2 My favourite  
Pester 4.4.1 PowerShell unit tests  
pingplotter 5.8.10 Useful visual ping network status  
powershell-core 6.1.2    
procmon 3.50 SysInternals Process Monitor  
resharper-clt.portable 2018.3.2 ReSharper’s free command-line tools  
resharper-ultimate-all 2018.3.2    
screentogif 2.16 Handy screen recorder  
snagit 2019.1.0 Screen grabber  
sql-server-2017 14.0.1000    
sql-server-management-studio 14.0.17289.1    
tailblazer Text/log file viewer  
ubiquiti-unifi-controller 5.9.29 Software for managing UniFi wireless access points  
vagrant 2.2.3 Manage virtual machines  
visualstudio2017enterprise 15.2.26430.20170605    
visualstudiocode 1.19.3    
vsts-cli Command line tool for managing Azure DevOps  
vswhere 2.6.7    
wifiinfoview 2.42    
windirstat Where’s all that disk space being used?  
wireshark 2.6.5    
x-lite VoIP client  
yarn 1.13.0    
zoomit Great for presentations  

This is also a good basis for refreshing my Boxstarter scripts.