Microsoft Build 2020 Logo

Microsoft Build 2020 started early this morning. I’ve never had the opportunity to attend the US Build conference in person, so the fact that this year they’re running it as a virtual conference for free is awesome! Here’s a few of the highlights and announcements that have stood out to me so far:

  • Windows Terminal 1.0 released. I’ve been using Windows Terminal for a few months now and it’s become my go-to command-line environment.

  • WSL2. WSL2 ships with Windows 10 20-04. I made the jump to the Slow Ring to check out WSL2 on my new workstation. There’s a few rough edges around running mixed containers (Windows and Linux at the same time) so hoping those get sorted out when it goes GA. Interesting that they’re adding GPU support to WSL2 as well.

  • Blazor WebAssembly is now officially released. I haven’t played with this at all but it’s on my radar.

  • Visual Studio 2019 v16.6 & v16.7 Preview 1 - Time to spin up the Visual Studio Installer and make sure you’re running the latest GA and Preview bits. Watch the recording of me exploring some of the new features in 16.6 which was run as an event of the Adelaide .NET User Group.

  • .NET 5 Preview 4 - The next version of .NET Core, now just called ‘.NET’ and skipping v4 to avoid confusion with the old .NET Framework. Some nice performance improvements as well as the next versions of C# and F#.

  • Teams support for NDI - this will be of interest to those wanting to use OBS or similar live video production applications with Microsoft Teams.

It’s going to be a challenge getting my regular work done as well as keeping an eye on all the sessions that are running today and tomorrow. Fortunately, sessions that I miss will be up on Channel 9 to watch at a more convenient time.