Azure DevOps PowerShell Scripts - List all release definitions

Written on June 11, 2021

Azure Pipelines logo If you want to list all the Azure Pipelines Release Definitions for all projects in an Azure DevOps organisation, this script will return a list of their names, the date of the latest release and a link to view the definition within the web UI.

Note that Release definitions are part of the “classic” release pipelines. If you’re using YAML-based deployments then those will be viewable via the Pipelines script.

See Personal access tokens for instructions on how to create the personal access token.

param (
    [string] $organisation,
    [string] $personalAccessToken

$base64AuthInfo= [System.Convert]::ToBase64String([System.Text.Encoding]::ASCII.GetBytes(":$($personalAccessToken)"))
$headers = @{Authorization=("Basic {0}" -f $base64AuthInfo)}

$result = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri "$organisation/_apis/projects?api-version=6.0" -Method Get -Headers $headers

$projectNames = $

$projectNames | ForEach-Object {
    $project = $_

    $result = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri "$organisation/$project/_apis/release/definitions?api-version=6.1-preview.4&`$expand=lastRelease" -Method Get -Headers $headers

    $result.value | Select-Object name, @{ Name="CreatedOn"; Expression= { $_.lastRelease.createdOn }}, @{ Name = "Url"; Expression = { $_._links.web.href }}
} | Sort-Object 

It makes use of the Definitions - List REST API. Note that the documentation for that API is slightly misleading in the examples. You do need to pass in $expand=lastRelease to get the lastRelease property populated.

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