The latest news from overnight - looks like Google has relented slightly with two weeks to go. If your use is personal you can now stay on the no-cost G Suite Legacy!

See the latest revision of the Upgrade from G Suite legacy free edition help page for details. Specifically:

If you’re using the G Suite legacy free edition for non-commercial purposes, you can opt out of the transition to Google Workspace by clicking here (requires a super administrator account) or going to the Google Admin console. You can continue using your custom domain with Gmail, retain access to no-cost Google services such as Google Drive and Google Meet, and keep your purchases and data.

If you don’t take any action, your account will be suspended starting on August 1, 2022. To reactivate your account, you will either need to upgrade to Google Workspace or opt out of the transition for non-commercial use.

That’s the risk when you force customers to make a choice - they might not choose to stay with you but take the opportunity to reevaluate the market and realise there may be better options out there.

For me, migration is still an option but at least this removes the urgency.