I started working at SixPivot back in February 2021. Given the state of the pandemic, all my interactions were done online. But I was hoping it wouldn’t be too long before I got to meet all the other ‘Pivots’ (as SixPivot folks call ourselves). 18 months later, the wait was a little longer than I’d thought it would be.

So with all that pent-up anticipation, did the in-person SixPivot Summit meet expectations?


Group photo of almost all the SixPivot staff, standing in front of a swimming pool

The summit was held at Peppers Salt Resort and Spa Kingscliff, which is just south of the Queensland/NSW border. A very nice place to visit.

I flew out of Adelaide on a cold and wintery morning and arrived a couple of hours later at Gold Coast Airport, where it was also overcast and raining! Not quite as cold though.

Friday afternoon was settling in, and then a pleasant walk down to the local lawn bowls club for a few ends of social bowling with most of the other pivots and their families, followed by dinner nearby at the local surf club.

Saturday was the summit proper. A full day of sessions from the SixPivot leadership team, but very much in an interactive and open format. The openness is something I definitely appreciate.

I remember thinking during the afternoon, “I really feel like I’ve found my work ‘home’”. A sense of shared values and purpose, but still with a range of opinions, experiences and perspectives. That had certainly been my sense over the last 18 months, but it was great to have it confirmed in person.

Saturday night staff and their families were all invited to a dinner held at the resort. Great food and more time to spend getting to know everyone.

Sunday was our own time, with my flight back home in the early afternoon. Clear skies had returned, so I enjoyed a quick walk along the beach before breakfast. Afterwards, (and being a Sunday), I watched my local church service from the comfort of my hotel room. Handy that they live stream on YouTube!

A ribbed shell on a sandy beach

There were still plenty of Pivots around so I took the opportunity for more chatting and saying farewell to those leaving on earlier flights. Then a friendly taxi ride back to the airport and an uneventful flight back home to Adelaide.

It was a great weekend. I definitely feel more connected with, and have a better understanding of my colleagues. I’m looking forward to our next opportunity to come together.