When I do presentations from home I like to have a non-distracting background. For a while, I was using a really old movie projector screen that originally belonged to my grandfather! The kind that is on a stand with tripod legs, it was getting on in years, and required a pair of multigrip pliers to hold the screen in place! I was just waiting for the day the pliers would fall off and the screen collapse mid-presentation, but thankfully that never happened!

It also needed to be packed away in my shed when I didn’t need it. So I started to think about getting something more fit for purpose, that could be built into the room where I work from. Enter the Elgato Green Screen MT!

Elgato Green Screen MT

The screen itself is 2 metres wide and 1.8m high (the actual mounting points are 2.12 metres apart), and it is intended to be mounted on a wall or ceiling. I chose to do the latter, but after using a stud-finder I determined that my ceiling joists were not the same width apart as the screen. To compensate for that, I used light-gauge chains to join the screen to the hooks.

Closeup of ceiling hooks and chain

I took a lot of care to measure out how far back from my desk the screen should sit; so that I’d have enough room to sit in front of it, but also to try and avoid gaps showing in the video feed past the sides of the screen.

View of the screen mounted on the ceiling with desk and screens in the foreground

Now, most of the time the screen is retracted/up, but if I have a meeting or a presentation, then I can pull down the screen. Even more so in the evening, as our TV is in the same room so I can participate in the meeting online, while family members can still watch the TV without accidentally ending up on the video feed.

David sitting in front of the screen with a microphone

If you’re thinking about buying a green screen, this week is a good one to do it with the price discounted.

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