One enhancement included in the .NET 8 SDK you might have overlooked is that if you’re using GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, Azure Repos, GitLab 12.0+, or Bitbucket 4.7+ then you no longer need to add a package reference to the respective Microsoft.SourceLink.* NuGet packages to get source link support.

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Find out more about Source Link in the NuGet documentation

If you’re using a tool like Dependabot to keep your NuGet packages up to date, you might see a pull request with a title similar to this:

Bump Microsoft.SourceLink.GitHub from 1.1.1 to 8.0.0

That could be a hint that if you ensure .NET 8 SDK is being used to build the project then you can remove the Microsoft.SourceLink.GitHub package reference, rather than just accepting the pull request. One less package to maintain, but still the same debugging experience for users of your package.

Check out the README in the Source Link repository on GitHub for more information.