• Clever video U@50

    You know how sometimes friends or colleagues sometimes forward emails with silly things, like painted cats or funny office videos?

    Well Liz forwarded this to me the other day and I finally got around to watching it, and yes it is very clever.

  • Of course you know, this means…

    I received an email from a “Gary” a few days ago. Unfortunately my reply didn’t seem to reach him due to problems with his email server. Looking at his email address, I’d guess Gary works for the US Army. Hence my alarm when I saw the following in GMail!


    Trying to be more alert than alarmed, I’m relieved to report that “THIS IS A WAR..” is actually “THIS IS A WARNING” :-)

  • PowerShell for Wix Components

    The following snippet is useful for generating a list of components with unique Guids. Run it from the directory that contains the components:

    $files = Get-ChildItem

    $g = [System.Guid]

    foreach ($a in $files) { Write-Output (“\`n\`t\`n” -f $a.Name, $g::NewGuid() ) }