• Microsoft Update Catalog

    Ben showed me this yesterday - Microsoft have a searchable catalogue of all the updates they push out via Microsoft Update.

    It lists the versions which is nice, but for some reason it refuses to run in Firefox which is a bit silly.

  • Latest Ralink driver refuses to install

    I downloaded the latest driver for my wireless PCI card (a Minitar MN54GPC-RC) from the Ralink site.

    However when I went to install the driver, it would crash

    First I tried uninstalled the old driver, but this didn’t help.

    The next thought was “that has to be about the longest filename I’ve ever seen” - IS_AP_STA_6x_D-

    So I renamed the file, and guess what, the installer worked!

    The new driver includes some extra features, though the included help file doesn’t actually bother to explain what they are.

    WPS doesn’t seem to be relevant to me at home, and WMM looks like also requires Access Point support too. A quick search against my Billion 7402GL doesn’t indicate that it supports this feature though.

  • Refactor!" Pro 2.5

    Developer Express have just released an updated version of their Refactor!Pro Visual Studio add-in.

    I’ve installed the eval, and it does seem to be behaving better than the previous version (eg. it hasn’t crashed Visual Studio yet!)

    They’ve also released new versions of the free versions too:

    I still can’t decide between Resharper and Refactor! :-(