• Google Docs to Blogger

    testing publishing to my blog from Google Docs

    Well there you go, that line above was written in Google Docs, and I then used the Publish tab to publish it to here! It is curious that even though Google owns Blogger and the Docs stuff, they aren’t automatically set up to talk to each other - you have to tell Google Docs where your blog is.

  • Windows Mobile Device Center RTM

    Now that Vista has been publicly launched for the general public, Microsoft have released a number of fixes and updates, including the final version of the Windows Mobile Device Center drivers (x86 and x64 versions).

    This is the ActiveSync equivalent for Vista, and I’m pleased to see that unlike most of the other Vista updates, this one does install on RC2.

  • Calendar cross-publishing concepts « Jon Udell

    I have this dream, that one day our calendar that (usually) hangs on the kitchen wall at home will be replaced by an electronic version.

    Then I would be able to view our home calendar from work, and using something like Outlook 2007, overlay my work calendar with our home one.

    I’d prefer that the home calendar be secure, in that there would be restrictions as to who could view it (eg. I wouldn’t want robbers seeing that we’re out for the evening!)

    Jon Udell outlines how far he’s managed to get with sharing calendars between different systems (Outlook and Google in his case).

    The final missing piece is to have some kind of flat-screen, light-weight PC that we can hang on the kitchen wall to replace the paper calendar. This is probably the tricky bit, as I’m guessing at the moment this would be pretty expensive.

    I think it will happen eventually when components get cheaper, but we’re not there yet.