• Clearing Your Inbox

    I read J.D. Meier’s Clearing Your Inbox post a few weeks ago, and thought I’d give it a try.

    I created two new sub-folders in my inbox - ‘archive’ and ‘indirect’, and added a rule for moving indirect emails:

    Apply this rule after the message arrives move it to the Indirect folder except if my name is in the To or Cc box

    I then moved all the items in my Inbox into the ‘archive’ folder, so that my Inbox is now empty.

    I’ve found that this does make a difference to using Outlook. Items only stay around in the Inbox for a few hours, and are either

    • deleted
    • replied to (in which case I can delete the original)
    • moved to the ‘archive’ folder

    I’m applying the same criteria to items in the ‘indirect’ folder too. One benefit is that Indirect items are almost always less of a priority, so I don’t need to check these as often.

    I also decided that there was no point in keeping old copies of server log emails I receive - so rather than copy them to my PST file, I just set those folders to permanently delete items older than 2 weeks.

    About the only downside was when I checked my inbox on my iPAQ, and got a shock that there were no emails at all. I thought something had gone horribly wrong until I remembered that this is how it should be now!

  • CodeCampSA Speakers

    The list of speakers for Adelaide’s first CodeCamp is now starting to take shape:

    • Greg Linwood
    • Greg Low
    • Mitch Denny
    • Dave Glover
    • David Gardiner
    • James Chapman-Smith
    • Peter Cornish
    • Paul Turner
    • Michael Baker
    • Michael Jenkin
    • Jey SriKantha
    • Ben Mackie
    • Jeff Headley
    • Evelyn Guell

    Some big names of the SQL and .NET worlds are there (and no, I don’t put myself on that level!)

  • Aspect-oriented Programming in .NET

    I was listening to .NET Rocks! interviewing Mark Pollack about Spring.NET today.

    The discussion about some of the features of Spring.NET that support Aspect Oriented Programming sounded very interesting.

    Looking at their documentation, it appears that you can either do the AOP programmatically or via xml config files.

    Neither approach really grabs me at the moment.

    The Castle Project offers Aspect#, however I also came across PostSharp which does sound intriguing.

    I think it would require decent testing as some people have not had 100% success with it, but I do like the approach of using .NET attributes to indicate the advice to apply.