• CodeCampOz 2007 Review

    Another year, another trip to Wagga for CodeCamp. This year was very good, though there were fewer presentations (just one “track”, rather than the last two years where there were often two or more choices at times).

    It really is good to spend a couple of days with your peers, and “super-peers” - hearing from some of the people who really know their stuff.

    I even finally introduced myself (in person) to Mitch Denny after all this time.

  • MSDN Library for VS SP1 (April 2007 Edition)

    Here’s the April 2007 update for the MSDN Library - all 2.2Gigs worth!

  • Running FxCop or Code Analysis

    If you’re fortunate enough to have one of the Visual Studio Team editions, then you have the inbuilt Code Analysis tool that you can run.

    Otherwise, you can use the free FxCop tool

    But what if you’re in a team with a mix of Team Edition and Professional (eg. no Code Analysis)?

    Add the following to the bottom of your project files and FxCop will be run on Release builds if you don’t have the inbuilt Code Analysis tool installed:

    <!-- Run FxCop if available on Release builds, but not if we also have Team Developer -->
    <Target Name="AfterBuild" Condition=" ('$(Configuration)' == 'Release') And Exists('$(ProgramFiles)\\Microsoft FxCop 1.35') And !(Exists('$(ProgramFiles)\\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\\Team Tools\\Static Analysis Tools\\FxCop\\FxCopCmd.exe'))">
    <Exec Command="FxCopCmd.exe /file:&quot;$(MSBuildProjectDirectory)\\$(OutputPath)$(AssemblyName).dll&quot; /out:&quot;$(MSBuildProjectDirectory)\\$(OutputPath)\\ccnet-fxcop.xml&quot;" WorkingDirectory="$(ProgramFiles)\\Microsoft FxCop 1.35" />