• Visual Studio Code Name "Orcas" January 2007 CTP

    Microsoft have released the January CTP of the next version of Visual Studio.

  • The country of XBox

    XBOX 360 consul (sic) for hire I saw this sign out the front of the local video shop a few weeks ago, and last weekend remembered to take a photo of it!. It’s a bit surprising, as I would have thought you would pick ‘console’ before ‘consul’ as the more well-known/spelled word. I suppose they do have those ‘alternate world’ games to which you might want to have diplomatic relations!

  • Virus protection for Vista 64bit

    I’m back at work after two weeks leave over the Christmas/New Year’s break. Not too many emails to sort through, and not too many problems to fix so far.

    One nice thing was that Michael from ISTS (our IT Unit) got hold of the latest build of Symantec AntiVirus which finally supports Vista 64bit.

    It’s been the one big uncertainty about running Vista 64-bit - having to tread very carefully for the last month or two without that extra safety net.

    I also got access to the RTM of Office 2007 Enterprise Edition just before I went on leave, so it’s nice to be running the release version of Office 2007 now.