• HP iPAQ rw6828 ROM Update

    HP have released firmware update 1.01.03 for the rw6828.

    I’ll be interested to see if this fixed the annoying “feature” where the wireless card spontaneously turns itself on - a great way to shorten the battery life.

    Update: This update refuses to install via my Vista machine. I’ll try it at home on the WinXP box to see if it is happier. I had a small panic until I read the readme.txt file which said if the upgrade fails, just pull the battery out and restart it - phew!

  • Visual Studio Code Name "Orcas" January 2007 CTP

    Microsoft have released the January CTP of the next version of Visual Studio.

  • The country of XBox

    XBOX 360 consul (sic) for hire I saw this sign out the front of the local video shop a few weeks ago, and last weekend remembered to take a photo of it!. It’s a bit surprising, as I would have thought you would pick ‘console’ before ‘consul’ as the more well-known/spelled word. I suppose they do have those ‘alternate world’ games to which you might want to have diplomatic relations!