• Things missing in IIS7

    Some things that I’ve noticed are missing in IIS7 that comes with Vista.

    • WebDAV (as mentioned to me by Ben)
    • FrontPage extensions
    • The SMTP service

    WebDAV is a big problem for our production web server, as we currently promote that as the way for people to edit their content.

  • Blog This for Firefox 2.0 now available for Windows Live Writer

    Microsoft have released a Firefox Extension (amazing in itself!) to add a Blog This button that launches Windows Live Writer.

    I quite like Live Writer, particularly as it understands how to put <p> tags around paragraphs of text. All it is missing is support for Blogger Beta tags and uploading images. Hopefully these features will be coming soon.

  • Feature Specifications for Visual Studio and .NET Framework

    Microsoft have started to publish the feature specifications for Visual Studio and .NET Framework that will be part of the next version.