• Syncing with iPAQ and Vista now working

    The trick is to install the “AMD64” version of the Windows Mobile Device Center (even if your CPU is not an AMD)!

    Now my iPAQ is synchronising nicely again.

    I’m also downloading the Vista RTM at the moment from Microsoft Connect (as a Beta Programme participant).

  • Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 RTW

    SharePoint 3.0 has RTM’d, or should I say “Released to the Web”, as Microsoft appear to be using for some of their products now.

    Nothing at the moment to indicate that you can install it on Vista (which would be handy for development)

  • Tabbed user interfaces

    I’ve been using Firefox for web browsing since it’s first release, so I’m quite used to tabbed-browsing.

    The new version of Firefox (and IE7 too) has made a small change to how tabbed browsing works - the ‘close tab’ button is now part of each tab.

    Firefox tabs

    What I’ve realised is that there’s a difference now with how Visual Studio works - it’s tabbed editing environment is like the old Firefox method - there’s just one ‘close’ button over on the right-hand side.

    Visual Studio tabs

    I’m not sure which way I prefer - I can see advantages to both, but I just wish that I could make all the apps do it the same way and not be inconsistent now.

    I haven’t tried any of the CTPs of the next version of Visual Studio yet, but I would guess that they’ll change Visual Studio to mirror tabbing in IE7 (and Firefox 2).