• Default content in ContentPlaceHolder is not replaced when it contains <%= %> tags

    I think I’ve found a bug (Broken link, was originally lab.msdn.microsoft.com/productfeedback/viewfeedback.aspx?feedbackid=f0a9000e-3ce5-46c2-b10f-343b8126a0c7) in ASP.NET Master Pages - if you try to include any <%= %> tags in a ContentPlaceHolder control on a Master Page, then it doesn’t get overidden by the content in the Content control.

  • Using CSS when JavaScript is disabled

    I’ve often worried about pages that use CSS to hide content, then allow JavaScript to dynamically show it again (eg. when you click on something), that if JavaScript was disabled, then there’s no way to show the content.

    Project Seven shows an example of how to use CSS and make sure content is viewable with or without JavaScript enabled.

    Click on the example to see how it works.

  • January CTP build of Atlas

    January CTP build of Atlas has been released. Nikhil describes the changes from the previous release.