P2P online backup

Monday, 27 July 2009

Very rarely you see an online ad that is interesting.. Today I noticed one for CrashPlan.

They offer both a free and paid online backup solution. The interesting thing about the free version is that you back up your data on your friends’ or family’s computers (rather than a central remote server). Quite a novel approach. About the only downside is that the free version apparently is ad-supported. Not sure how annoying they would be.

I think all the computers would need to be online at the same time for backups to work properly. Presumably the same would apply if you needed to do a restore too. Something to take into consideration.

There is also a paid offering too (for orphans or people without any friends?)

Updating assembly versions in Visual Studio project files

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Sometimes you need to update all the references to a particular assembly so that they use a newer version than the original one that was added to the project.

One option is to manually edit the references for each project, removing and re-adding the assembly.

Option two, which is a bit nicer, is to use something like this PowerShell script:

Get-ChildItem -recurse -filter "*.*proj" | Foreach-Object { (Get-Content $_.FullName) | Foreach-Object { $_ -replace "", "" } | Set-Content $_.FullName }

In this example, we are replacing instances of “” with “” – handy if you just happened to be upgrading to the latest version of Castle.

Note the use of the parentheses () around the Get-Content - without those you’ll end up with an Access Denied error as it will be trying to write to the same file it is reading from.

CodeCampSA 2009 – Day 2

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Presentation notes

Nigel Spencer – WPF in 2010

Greg Low – Spatial SQL

Dave Glover – Windows 7 APIs

Omar Besiso

Jason Stangroome – PowerShell and build automation

Jason Schluter – Silverlighter

James Chapman-Smith – Model View ViewModel and Unit Testing

Peter Cornish – AdWords

CodeCampSA 2009 – Day 1

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Presentation notes

David Gardiner – Generating Unit Tests with Pex

Anthony Borten – TFS 2010

Allan Baird – UniSA

Rob Farley – The problem with BEGIN and END in T-SQL functions

Liam McLennan – MVC is better than WebForms

Tatham Oddie – WebForms are better than MVC

Scott Barnes – Silverlight

Anthony Borton – VSTS 2010

Paul Turner – SharePoint branding tips and tricks

Bringing Developers and Designers closer together (eventually, sort of)

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

When Microsoft released their Expression suite of products, the marketing claim was that they could be used to edit the very same source files that the developers were working on.

BUT, while Visual Studio 2005 included TFS, the obvious integration with any of the Expression products was missing. So the marketing claim was a bit hollow. Yes, you technically “could” work on the same files, but it was going to be a clunky experience.

So it is ironic that yet again, a version 3 product finally appears to get it right. Note this announcement refers to Expression Blend, and it isn’t clear whether Expression Web has similar capabilities.