• Happy ending

    One day during the school holidays, I organised to ride with my two oldest kids down part of the veloway and finishing up at Christies Beach. They both rode very well, and we met up with the rest of the family and Narelle’s parents for fish and chips overlooking the sea.


    I wouldn’t put myself in the same category as Jen but I think it’s still a nice photo.

  • TechEd 2012–Day 3

    Caramel slice!On the Friday I went to 3 sessions:

    • DEV331 - A Modern Architecture Review: Using the New Code Review Tools
    • DEV333 - LightSwitch 2012 - Even Faster
    • WPH234 - Windows Phone Marketplace - Satisfy More Customers and Make Money

    I also ran my Instructor-led Lab - DEV ILL100 - Designing Windows 8 HTML apps in Blend. A nice lab which is probably more about getting familiar with Blend than with Windows 8 apps.

    Locknote arena

    After the closing keynote, I didn’t need to rush off as Narelle and I were staying another night, flying home Saturday afternoon.

    I also had a chance to briefly visit the beach. After quite a few visits to the Gold Coast, I had never until now managed to get down to the foreshore. A bit cool to think about going for a swim by that time, but nice to finally see it.

    Gold Coast beach

  • TechEd 2012–Day 2

    Ben car racingThursday was a busy day. I got to these sessions:

    • DEV221 – Design and Layout for Windows 8 and Windows Phone Style Apps
    • WPH323 – Build smart: Developing for Windows Phone and Windows 8
    • DBI225 – Big Data for Relational practitioners
    • DEV326 – Agile planning tools in TFS 2012

    Band BashI also helped in the hands-on labs and assisted with “ILL102 - Creating an Windows 8 Line of Business Application - HTML & JavaScript from Start to Finish”.

    In the evening was the party night – lots of food and entertainment options! I watched Ben show off his prowess on the racing simulator, then after a good feed we headed to the main arena to catch some comedy, quiz show and an ‘open mike’ band bash. Turns out there’s some pretty talented musicians masquerading as IT/Dev-types!