How do you migrate a WSS2 web site to another server running WSS3?

Thursday, 2 August 2007

I’ve got two servers running Windows SharePoint Services.

Server ‘A’ is running 2.0, server ‘B’ is running 3.0.

I’d like to migrate a single web site from A to B.

I found this KB article - How to move a Windows SharePoint Services Web site from one server to another by using FrontPage 2003, and I thought I’d be clever and use SharePoint Designer to try and do a similar thing, but it doesn’t work.

You can backup the 2.0 site ok, but when you connect to the empty 3.0 site, the restore function expects a different file type.

It does seem a reasonable thing to want to do, and it’s annoying that there doesn’t appear to be an obvious solution.

National Ride to Work Day

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

I got an email from Jeff Kasparian yesterday about National Ride to Work Day.

I’ve signed up to be the coordinator for our building. We already have about 2-3 regular bike riders - maybe we might get a few extras on 17th October.

I try and ride to work around once a week, but I do tend to be a bit fussy about picking good weather. It’s a 40km round trip too, so it isn’t something I’d consider doing every day.

Dave Glover on ASP.NET Dynamic Data Controls

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

I see Dave Glover is coming to town on Thursday to talk about ASP.NET Dynamic Data Controls (Oryx).

Lunch is at 12 noon, the session starts at 12.30.

I’ll be there!

YSlow for Firebug

Monday, 30 July 2007

YSlow for Firebug is a Firefox addin analyses web pages and suggests ways to make them load faster. It requires the Firebug addin.

(Via Ayende’s blog)

NHibernate plugin for Visual Studio 2005

Friday, 27 July 2007

I was only thinking the other day, “Wouldn’t it be great if someone wrote an add-in to Visual Studio that let you drag tables from a database and it generated NHibernate-compatible class definitions and mapping for me”.

Well it appears I wasn’t the first to have this idea.

The project seems to be run by Adam Langley. There is some source code available, though not in the SourceForge SVN/CVS repository.

One problem at the moment is that it only generates C# code.