• Importing Excel 2007 into Windows SharePoint Services 2

    In WSS 2.0, there’s an option to create a new list by importing an Excel Spreadsheet.

    I’ve got Excel 2007 installed, and so after selecting the cell range of an .xls file I got this error message:

    Method ‘Post’ of object ‘IOWSPostData’ failed

    Searching for this gave me a possible solution

    Because this particular SharePoint is still version 2.0, I figured that lVer = 2 was appropriate, and the good news is it worked.

  • Your Account is deleted (part 2)

    Looks like it wasn’t just us affected by having our website deleted. This is the response I got to my email:

    Dear Mr. David,

    We really apologize for this issue. Our developer has been accidentally released the wrong version of the billing system that deleted your account.

    Our support team is now working to restore your website and emails. They have setup your account as active so you can login to your control panel to raise support ticket while we are restoring your application. Due to high traffic of restoring task, please give us another 24-48 hours to bring your website up again. If you have your own backup at your side, you are pleased to restore it on your own to speed up the time.

    Also, you are pleased to create support ticket to ask for your website restoring status.

    Please let me know if you still face any issue. Best Regards James Sullivan SeekDotNet Sales Team

    Well James, I’m not pleased to create a support ticket, but since my site is still not restored, I think I will anyway.

    Someone really needs to proofread their emails :-(

  • Your Account is deleted

    Amongst other things, I’m the webmaster for the Australian Carnivorous Plant Society.

    I just received this email from seekdotnet, the company we have been using to host our website for the last few years:

    Dear Mr/Mrs [NewLine] Your Account is deleted due to non-activating more than 1 month. [NewLine] Thank You.

    (Yes, that is an exact copy of the text, including the questionable grammar and the [NewLine] string).

    And they aren’t kidding - browsing to the website www.acps.org.au results in a 404 File not found error. Eeeek!

    No warnings, no nothing. Just deleted like that after being in continuous good financial standing. If you want to keep your customers, you don’t just delete all their info if there’s suddenly a problem with payments. You might at least attempt to let them know there’s a problem so they can fix it before it goes too far.

    I’ve contacted the company, and I’m hoping commonsense will prevail. We’ll see.