• Passed 70-515, 70-516 and 70-519

    Back in April I participated in three ‘beta’ exams for Microsoft:

    • 70-515 TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 4, Web Applications Development
    • 70-516 TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 4, Accessing Data with ADO.NET
    • 70-519 Pro: Designing and Developing Web Applications Using Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

    Being ‘beta’ means that you get to do the exams for free (as they are using you to find any mistakes etc), but if you pass then it counts as passing the real exam. These exams have just been publicly released, and I just found out I passed all three! As a result I can now add the following certifications to my list: Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist

    • .NET Framework 4, Web Applications
    • .NET Framework 4, Data Access with ADO.NET

    ~Microsoft Certified Professional Developer~

    • ~Web Developer 4~

    Updated: Turns out I was incorrect, you do also need to complete 70-513 before you qualify for the MCPD Web Developer 4. This has now been clarified in the prerequisites for the certification.

  • CodeCampSA 2010

    Adelaide’s own CodeCampSA is on July 24-25th this year, and all you have to do is follow these easy steps:

    1. Visit the CodeCampSA website for all the details
    2. Register to say that you’re coming (it’s free, but helps with catering and arranging access to the wireless LAN etc)
    3. Keep up to date with the latest news by subscribing to the CodeCampSA feed.

    Once again, we’re privileged to have speakers from both Adelaide and interstate – including LobsterPot Solutions’ very own Rob Farley and some fellow named David Gardiner 😀

    If you’ve got any free time over that weekend and you’re interested in learning new things about .NET, software development, SQL Server, SharePoint and other related things, I’d strongly recommend you try and get down to UniSA’s City West Campus. I know I’m planning to be there for the whole weekend!

    Finally, it’s probably not too late to contact Peter Griffith if you’ve got the urge to present on a topic.

  • Dell Studio XPS 1645 System BIOS A10

    I see that Dell have released an updated BIOS version A10.

    Good to see that [my experience trying to upgrade to A9]/2010/05/one-laptop.html) hasn’t been in vain – some of the fixes sound like they specifically address the problem I (and presumably others) had. eg.

    1. Prevent potential risk of BIOS crash during WIN-FLASH
      1. Disable USB device during WIN-FLASH.
      2. It will skip to flash un-used ME block during WIN-FLASH

    I’m not going to be in any rush to install this update however – I’ve learned my lesson on messing with things that are essential for my work!